providing a branded app for your guests from the moment they book


saves time, costs and increases efficiency


sustainability reducing your carbon footprint

Stand Out

differentiates you from your competition


meeting the expectations of the always connected guest


VIP Guest - redefining guest information

Benefits for hoteliers and resorts adopting VIPG:

  • Increasing Brand Awareness - each guide is branded under your identity, connecting your guests with your brand
  • 100% increased Guest Engagement - encouraging direct bookings and creating guest loyalty
  • Streamlined Info Management - reducing staff time spent checking, updating and replacing outdated info and damaged folders
  • Stand Out from the Crowd - innovative digital guest engagement identifying you as a
  • Up-Selling Opportunities - market promotions, special offers direct to your guests' mobile during their stay
  • Enhanced Green Credentials - reduce printing costs
  • Realtime - information is always up to date
  • Re-Booking - direct bookings to you from their digital guide
  • Reviews - guests can review you from within the guide
  • Map - linked to google maps your guest will always be able to find you or the restaurant you recommended
  • Affordable Solution - from £19.99 a month

enabling you to effortlessly meet the expectations of today's guest, making you their primary choice of accommodation

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