Awesome Interiors

Emotion is a key factor for guests choosing where to stay on holiday; they expect to create happy memories and therefore they have to connect with the property in order to choose it. Their dream holiday starts when they fall in love with their idea of a perfect property in a perfect location. It is important to bear this in mind when furnishing a property in order to appeal to wide audience.

The age, fabric and location of a property may influence the style of the interior, however that doesn’t mean a traditional building cannot have a contemporary interior. Likewise a modern apartment can be a perfect canvas for period pieces of furniture.

Maintenance is important, there is a big difference between shabby chic and shabby, tired décor and furnishings are not attractive to any guest and the price per week and number of weeks booked will be reflected by a tired property. Small changes to soft furnishings is a simple way of changing the feel of a property. Keep rooms simple using soft furnishings to add colour, a few pieces of original artwork will be appreciated by guests and honestly, they don’t want to be surrounded by personal photographs.

Two rooms that must offer contemporary fittings are bathrooms and kitchens. Not only should design be considered but functionality is also important. There is not a guest on earth who wants to shower under a dribble of water, they are on holiday and they probably want to stand under a rainfall shower all day just because they have time to enjoy it! White suites work in any shape or size bathroom, throw in some natural stone tiles and you have a look that is contemporary, warm, appealing and timeless. Tiled floors with under floor heating is not something that most people have at home so it’s an easy way to create a luxury bathroom experience without being expensive.

Kitchens are no longer a boring place to throw a ready-made meal into a microwave, well not on holiday anyway! Adding some fun and foodie orientated equipment is a good marketing feature. The number of cookery and baking shows on TV that pull in audience numbers in their millions tell a lot about current interests and trends. A good coffee machine, ice cream maker, fun lolly moulds, a bread maker or baking kit. The possibilities are endless and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to add a few extras that guests don’t always have at home.

It isn’t difficult to create the right feel to a property; there are lots of glossy home and interior magazines not to mention hundreds of websites to gain inspiration from. Attention to detail is something guests appreciate and that one image of a comfy sofa to sink into or a barbecue with smoking fish may just be the selling shot.