Good Housekeeping - Keeping Guests Impressed

Never underestimate the value of a good housekeeper / cleaner, it is their presentation of your property that generates the first impression for your guest; a perfectly made bed, plumped up cushions are the finishing touches that show you care.

So what can you do to ensure your property is presented perfectly whether it’s the first day of the season or the last?

  • Allocate enough time for each changeover - it is easy to underestimate how long it takes to perfectly present a property for guests.
  • Set a high standard - ensure you explain clearly to your cleaner exactly what you expect. Every guest should feel as if they are the first guests to stay, no evidence of previous guests anywhere inside or outside the property.
  • Provide a tick list for your cleaner - it makes the changeover easier as they can be confident nothing has been overlooked.
  • Allow an extra 10 minutes on top of the cleaning time – ask your cleaner to walk around the property with a fresh set of ‘guest eyes’, checking the presentation of the house, cushions plumped, bed linen neat, mirrors and taps shining.
  • Deep cleaning is essential at the start of each season - this is your opportunity to ensure every piece of skirting board is dust free, grout is clean and the oven sparkles.
  • Make sure sofa cushions are removed and the frame is vacuumed - there is nothing worse than a guest lifting a cushion to find sweet wrappers or worse.
  • Provide good quality cleaning products and equipment - a decent vacuum cleaner and mop and bucket is essential.
  • Make sure all light bulbs are checked at each changeover and keep a supply of spares at the property.
  • Don’t forget the windows, grubby windows will spoil any view, no matter how good!

Rember your guest may have travelled 4+ hours in a car with children and they expect to arrive at a beautifully presented property; if they don’t it spoils the start of their holiday and they will tell you, the world or simply not visit again, so never skimp on housekeeping.