Smartphones - Here to Stay!

The Smartphone – more embedded in our lives than ever and as the mobile networks develops, the reliability of 4G increases mobile phones will become more diversely used, the need for the world of travel to provide a mobile option for their guests is more important than ever. 

Smartphones are now the primary choice for communication be it to call, text, surf the net, to discover a new place, to ‘Google’ an answer, to browse available accommodation, read reviews, book, to explore a destination, and finally to share an experience.Businesses that fail to recognise this preference of their customer risk being left behind and at a commercial disadvantage in the digital age. 

The smartphone is where the laptop was 10 years ago. 

Having a mobile one stop solution that enables guests to browse accommodation, see reviews, book and share their experience is no longer a luxury for hotels, cottages, guest houses, camp sites or boating holiday providers, it is essential.