Trust is a Two Way Avenue

Is the ‘sharing economy’ ie Airbnb, Uber, Couch Surfing teaching us how to trust again?

The "stranger-danger" teachings instilled fear when statistics show that most people know their attacker. Interestingly it is the younger generation who were taught this, that has embraced the sharing economy, life is an adventure to be lived, experiences and memories made.

Present your holiday home or guest room in good order, be honest in your marketing and you are likely to find that guests will respect it and take care of it. Share your local knowledge and help your guests have the best experience and you will receive positive reviews, the more you can collect the more enquiries you will receive. Everyone trusts the authentic voice of a previous guest, never underestimate the power of positive reviews.

Sites such as Airbnb encourage you to develop a rapport, with your guest / host. For a guest the reviews are key, they will use these to decide if they feel comfortable staying in your property / home. For the host well a little bit about who the guest is, what they love about the area or what they are hoping to experience during their stay, they probably don’t need to know your shoe size!

The definition of stranger is : someone you have not met before, maybe the sharing economy is reminding us of this.