Pets Welcome!

To be or not to be a pet welcoming property?

It is a question most owners deliberate over, should they welcome pets or is it just too much hassle? It is estimated that 13 million households (46%) in the UK have pets, 9 million dogs and 8 million cats! This is a huge market to tap into so it really is worth considering. 

Dogs tend to be the pet that most families want to take on holiday with them; so how do you successfully welcome dogs to your property?

The first consideration has to be whether or not your property is really suitable, there is no point becoming a pet friendly property if the whole experience is stressful for your guest, you or your cleaner.  If you are by the beach find out if there are restrictions for beach access during the summer season and if so where will your guest exercise their pet?  If you have an apartment is there a restriction on pets residing at the property?  If you don't have a dog do some research, ask a friend who does and find out what is important to them when travelling with their pet. 

If you decide to be a dog friendly property then do it well, genuinely welcome your four legged guest by providing bedding, food and water bowls, biodegradable dog poop bags, towels for drying off after a swim in the river or just a walk in the rain, maybe some treats.  Providing a list of walks, local inns and places to visit that welcome dogs will be much appreciated.

Add extra time for cleaning each week, pet owners expect just a clean a property as non pet owners, so in the same way there should be no evidence of your two legged guests the same goes for the four legged ones!

Most pet owners are responsible people, their pets are part of their family and as long as you have clear rules about where the pet can go, how and where to dispose of any poop and what you expect of the owners then you are unlikely to have a negative experience by welcoming pets and their owners.

Photo courtesy of Visit Britain.