Why Use VIP Guest?

You will benfit from 100% improved guest engagement, you will stand out in a noisy market place, your staff will spend less time collating and updating information, your printing costs will reduce as will your carbon footprint and guest information will always be up to date.

Direct bookings and enhanced guest engagement is the ultimate goal, by adopting VIPGuest, we know from our current clients that guest engagement is 100% increased, that guests access the hotel info pre, during and post stay.  Being able to book a table in your restaurant, a spa treatment, report a housekeeping issue or make a request all from their mobile within their personalised guide improves their experience with you.  Building brand loyalty, attracting positive reviews and recommendations.

Guests access your web app from a link in their booking confirmation, no need to visit an app store to download it.  The branding is yours so every time they open the app your brand is reinforced.

We collate and update the content for you, working with you to ensure your guest guide represents you and your guests, saving you time, effort and money.  We were not born in a tech lab, we live, breath and are passionate about outstanding hospitality and guest experience.

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